Birth & Beyond



"My experience with Natalie as the doula for the birth of my third child was everything I hoped it would be. I gave birth in a hospital, but wanted a natural childbirth. I knew that in the hours of labor I would not be the best person to advocate for myself. My husband is amazing, but he also wasn't the best candidate for making sure I had the labor and birth experience I wanted. Natalie fulfilled that role with grace, strength and class. I cannot imagine a better person for this job. Natalie is cool under pressure, but she is no pushover - exactly what I needed in the birthing room. First, she had great ideas for laboring positions that helped me progress the contractions and involved my husband and I working as a team. Second, she worked seamlessly with the doctor. Natalie was not at all intrusive, but she knew what I wanted and was firm in communicating those things to the nurses and physician. Finally, Natalie is a kind and intelligent person and was a calming presence in the delivery room. I wish I'd had Natalie with me for the births of my first two children. My daughter is two years old now, but no matter how old she gets, she'll always be one of Natalie's babies."
- Kim O.

"I used Natalie's services for my second birth. Since my first childbirth experience was both difficult physically and emotionally, I wanted to ensure as much as possible a different experience for the second time around. The second experience was indeed much better, thanks in no small part to Natalie's assistance. She had a calm but supportive presence in the labor and delivery room, and she worked seamlessly with and around the medical personnel. She was attentive to my needs and even anticipated some of them, like getting an extra pillow for side support or providing sips of water. I would wholly recommend her services to any expectant mother."
- Kori B.

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