Birth & Beyond

About Me

I am the mother of three daughters, two of them born in a birthing center and one at home. My family and I have lived in Northwest Missouri for 16 years and just recently moved to the Kansas City area.

I  trained as a Childbirth Educator and Doula with GFG in my native country, Germany, and have since attended hospital births and home births, among them  (successful) VBACs.

After moving to the US, I applied for leadership with La Leche League and became accredited in 2002. I was the leader for the Maryville chapter for 10 years, offering breastfeeding help in person, per phone, email and online.

Since 2012 I have been working part-time towards a degree in Psychology. The skills and knowledge acquired in my studies, help me serve my clients better as they widen my (and their) horizon and allow me to support them more efficiently.

My motivation has always been to accompany and support women through the deeply intense, transformative experience of pregnancy, birth and the "fourth trimester".





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