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If we are to heal the planet, we must begin by healing birthing.


- Agnes Sallet von Tannenberg 





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As an individual I can't change the world and heal our planet. In my role as a Childbirth Educator and Doula, however, I believe I can bring some peace and happiness to growing families by assisting with birth preparations and supporting them during the birth of their child.

I am glad that you have found my website and hope that these pages offer the information you are looking for!




In Western society, birth has become a lonely experience for most mothers-to-be and their partners. In the past, a group of women - mothers, sisters, aunts and friends - guided and accompanied pregnant women through pregnancy and birth, marking this important period with rituals and traditional ceremonies. Today, most expecting couples in our culture rely on their obstetrician for all this support. Instead of a whole community preparing for the arrival of a new member, the parents-to-be go through this experience without guidance, as most obstetricians only have time to focus on the medical aspects. Attending Childbirth Education Sessions are an important part of preparing for the birth. The information aquired during these classes allows the pregnant couple to make informed decisions for themselves and their new baby.

After the birth of their child, many new parents are overwhelmed by the reality of taking care of a newborn while recovering from pregnancy and birth. If there are no family members close by to help ease the transition into parenthood, the “babymoon” often turns into a time of exhaustion and disappointment, instead of the joyful experience it should be.

A Doula fills this void by being a steady presence throughout the pregnancy and birth as a Birth Doula and, if so desired, during the post partum period as a Postpartum Doula.




"Birth has a purpose for the mother.

It initiates her into the next phase of her spiritual development.

For the deepening of her soul." 

(Terri Nash)




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