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If I don't know my options, I don't have any.
                                                                                                                                                                          (Diana Korte) 












No Childbirth Education method can truly prepare first time parents for labor and delivery because nothing can convey the physical and emotional intensity of birth.


What Childbirth Preparation Classes can do, is to provide information on pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period and basic infant care. This knowledge allows the parents-to-be not only to choose the health care provider with whom they have the best chance of achieving the birth they envision but also to make informed decisions about the upcoming labor and delivery. In addition it is beneficial to face the unknown being well prepared and having an idea about what to expect and how to cope with the sensations a woman encounters during childbirth.

Expecting parents who already have (a) child(ren) have the advantage of knowing what birth feels like but will still benefit from the information gathered during classes. Childbirth Classes provide parents who already have (a) child(ren) with a space and time to focus solely on the newest family member, a luxury that is often hard to come by during a busy every day life.

There are a variety of approaches and methods in Childbirth Education. Personally, I believe that even though every method has its benefits, it is very limiting to subscribe to one idea only. Every woman is unique and every labor is different. How should one method be able to work for everybody? 

I am familiar with a variety of childbirth preparation methods and introduce my clients to elements from different approaches to prepare them for their upcoming birth and provide them the tools to handle their labor.



Here are some of the topics I cover during the series: 


  •   Nutrition and Exercise 
  •   Breathing and Relaxation Methods
  •   Pelvic Floor Awareness and Exercises
  •   Birth Plan / Wish List 
  •   Physical Changes in Pregnancy
  •  Onset and Stages of Labor
  •   Physiology of Labor and Delivery
  •  Comfort and Support Measures
  •  Medical Interventions   
  •  Comfort and Support Measures
  •  Vaginal and Cesarean Birth
  •  Labor and Birth Positions
  •  Breastfeeding Basics
  •  Techniques for the Support Person
  •  Postpartum Care

  •  Newborn Care




To teach anatomical and physiological aspects of pregnancy and childbirth I use visuals aids (illustrations and anatomical models). My clients are able to borrow books from my private library on the topics of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.


For information on schedules and cost for individual and group classes please contact me!


















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